Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Love {Logic} & The God’s Algorithm

Love{Logic} & The God’s Algorithm is a work of fiction.
Close your eyes and think about your College days – What you see? Girls, Grass, N-10, Crush, Whisky, fight with seniors over a football match, and no studies – What a life!
Saptak’s life was based on 3G- No, I am not speaking about the latest mobile technology .Its stands for GUITAR, GRASS AND GIRLS -3G (let’s uncomplicate)
Now, again close your eyes and think about your professional life. What you see? Oh shit!!! f**k! I am screwed.
PNS Technologies, Precisely Pick n Stick Technologies Limited where Saptak works- their motto ‘Creating the Stick that beats its Pick’- reigns supreme.
Day in and day out Saptak’s bewilderment continues to rise doing the monotonous Copy-Paste work.
Strangled between the war of his mind and heart, Saptak finally quits his job and returns to JyotiNagar where Debaroti, his childhood companion waits for him.
Love keeps them confused and bewildered -Both Saptak and his room-mate Nabo.
An incredible idea struck Saptak which slowly leads to the creation of his Software product company ‘Innovation Techlabs Pvt Ltd’.
What is the idea? Will he have a life? And Love? Or both?
Love, Logic and the God’s Algorithm asks every reader the sole question – How long can you wait to you hear your inner voice? How long can you wait to clear your heart’s doubt?